New Story: Owned by a Cheerleader

Here’s another little fun novella, where a college cheerleader learns to get in touch with her hidden dominant side after growing tired with her usual day-to-day sex life with a star football player…

It’s about 86 pages in your Kindle, available now at Amazon »

Owned by a CheerleaderHere’s the blurb:

Everything is going right for college cheerleader Alicia Morgan, except her sex life — until a geeky guy changes her complete philosophy…

Alicia Morgan is a beautiful cheerleader who can get anything — or anyone — she could possibly want. Yet somehow she’s stuck with a college football star who is anything but inspiring in the bedroom — and she can’t leave him without staining her impeccable reputation.

When she discovers that Matthew, the sweet but geeky guy who regularly helps with her homework, has a kinky crush on her, a trusted friend suggests she could secretly use him for more than just his impressive intellect.And perhaps his fetish for dominant women could provide something different, exactly when Alicia needs it most.


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