New story: Beneath Her Mask

First new story for this new website, and it’s romantic erotica set in a college where a masked ball brings two different kinds of student together, only for a real spark to form thanks to their hidden identities.

It’s a novella of around 30,000 words (89 Kindle pages) in length.

mjsebastian-mask-thumbThe blurb:

Shep is a star athlete at the peak of his popularity in college, but while he has his pick from the eager coeds desperate to maintain their own status in the elite of college society, he’s grown tired of the types who constantly hang around the football team.

When he attends the annual masked ball, it allows him to mix with women who wouldn’t ordinarily go near guys like him — leading to a chance encounter that will change his life forever.

You can find the book on Amazon here »

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